Would never use anyone else!

There are real estate agents… and then there are real estate agents like Wayne Hartley! Redlands Realty has a motto of Real People with Real Integrity and I have to say, this is what I have experienced with the sale of my home of the last 11 years. Wayne Hartley has been an integral part of this journey of mine, since I started looking to buy and sell over the last few years. On every occasion that I called Wayne he has always given me the best advice and his professional opinion which I have trusted. Wayne has built the Redlands Realty brand over the last 15yrs and his reputation within the community is that of honesty, hard work, integrity and a genuine respect and rapport for all of his clients. The recent sale of my home and purchase of land that will enable me to continue to live my dream would not have been possible without Wayne’s advice and help in every step along the way. Can’t thank you enough Wayne.